Great Day San Antonio – Morining Show

I am kicking off a Texas inflatable performance tour with a performance of You Wear What I Wear in San Antonio, Texas on February 26, 2010 at 12:00 p.m. The performance in San Antonio will begin in the main plaza downtown and will take an organic trip through the surrounding city. Other cities on the tour include Austin, Houston and Dallas.

I appeared on the KENS 5 Great Day San Antonio morning show to announce the start of the performance tour in San Antonio. Eileen Teves and I tried out two inflatable suits in the KENS 5 parking lot to open the show. The event on the 26th is free and open to the public. I hope to see you there.


Bridget Smith: People have been asking about Eileen. Eileen has been working on a lot of special projects.

Bill Taylor: Eileen Teves. — ya?

Smith: Yes, but Eileen is still here — she’s still here. And guess what? Today she is out in our parking lot. I don’t t know what she is doing or who she is with — but she is street beating honey.

Taylor: Uh oh — wiki, wiki wiki — wiki, wiki. — Does she do hip hop?

Eileen Teves: Wiki, wiki, wiki, wiki —

Smith: You know what? She does and she’s very good.

Smith: I want to say good morning to Eileen — EIleen.

Teves: Good morning — good morning. It’s good to see you guys

Smith: Good to see you too.

Taylor: Hi Eileen.

Smith: What’s going on?

Teves: I can’t believe Bill — well I can’t believe first of all Bill said, “Eileen? Eileen Tevis?” Of course.

Taylor: As opposed to that other Eileen.

Teves: All right — ok — so we’re live out here in the parking lot. I’ve got Jimmy Kuehnle here. He’s an artist — and can you believe this is his display right here — some beautiful, colorful inflatables. So talk about this Jimmy, you travel around town and you go inside here. So could you kinda go inside this inflatable right here?

Jimmy Kuehnle: Yeah, sure, no problem.

Teves: Ok — so, it only takes a couple seconds to get in — is that right? Look at that and already this is a work of art — and walking art. Whoa — So you guys can actually check out something like this downtown on Friday the 26th. Look at that, you got in you got out easily.

Kuehnle: Yes — yes.

Teves: So, tell us a little about it.

Kuehnle: Ok, so these are inflatable suits and I make them out of nylon and the point of them is to walk the line between the spectacle and the absurd.

Teves: Oh —

Kuehnle: So that way people’s minds become vulnerable to new thoughts and new ideas because they can’t categorize this like a tree or a car that they see normally.

Teves: Got it.

Kuehnle: They go, “What’s that?” and then suddenly it might change what they are going to do tomorrow or maybe next week. And, so it’s a lot of fun to do that.

Teves: There you have it and it looked like a lot of fun with you, and I want to see if I can try to get in.

Kuehnle: Sure, no problem.

Teves: Now, this is going to be my suit here.

Kuehnle: Yes — yes. So, let’s just knock it over

Teves: I don’t know if you guys are going to be able to see me so I just have to kinda have to — lean into it. — We only got a few more seconds here, Jimmy — so let’s go in there.

Kuehnle: Alright, go ahead.

Teves: Alright, let’s get in. Oh, my goodness.

Kuehnle: So, there you go, you’re in a suit.

Teves: Whoa — This is — this is intense. Can you guys see me? Wow.

Kuehnle: There you go

Teves: Alright, now all you do is walk around with this on you?

Kuehnle: I walk around, bang into buildings, say hello to the folks — have a good time.

Teves: This is interesting. If you would like to check out Jimmy Kuehnle’s display, he’s going to be out and about at Main Plaza — on Friday starting at noon.

Kuehnle: Friday the 26th

Teves: Ok, Friday the 26th at noon. So check him out. He’s going to be walking around so make sure you get there at noon and you follow him throughout downtown. He’s going to be taking a tour.

Kuehnle: Yes, taking a tour. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

Teves: Ok, well, there you have it. That’s my Street Beat. Back to you guys

Taylor: Eileen — Oh no — It was actually going over, did you see it?

Smith: I wonder how long after the live shot they are just going to hang out in there.

Taylor: Uh oh —

Smith: Just hang out in the balloon.

Taylor: Whoa — There she’s out — she’s out — she’s ok.

Smith: She’s like, “I’m done — and we’re clear.”

Taylor: Did you see the dismount? That was a ten. That was nice. She stuck the landing.

Smith: Thank you so much Eileen.

Link to video on KENS 5 website:

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