Sculpture Center Exhibition – January 18, 2013

Sculpture Center in Cleveland hosts the W2S 2012 Emerging Artists Series

The 2013 Window to Sculpture Emerging Artist Series at the Sculpture Center in Cleveland, Ohio opens on January 18, 2013. The W2S Series, begun in 1991, “fosters and promotes the careers of exceptional Ohio sculptors during the first ten years of their profession.”

My Inflatable Wonderland Labyrinth of Joy, currently under construction, will open in the Euclid Avenue Gallery. Justin Farris Braun’s show The Swelling Horizon opens the same day in the Main Gallery. See his work at

See you at the show.

The Sculpture Center is located at:

1834 East 123rd St.
Cleveland, OH 44106

Hipp Deck – Saturday, Oct 8 2011

Hipp Deck Poster

The Hipp Deck is a pop-up experiment that will transform the upper level of the 740 Euclid parking garage into an open-air live performance venue and public green space for one unforgettable night. The parking garage is on the site of the former Hippodrome Theater, a nationally renowned venue, demolished in 1981. The event will include live music performances, engaging art installations and a book release party for Cleveland Stories: true until proven otherwise.

The event will be:
Saturday, Oct. 8, 2011
6:30-9:30 PM
740 Euclid Avenue
*Free Admission

The large inflatable suit, Make it Look Rich, will be install on the top of the parking garage. There will be plenty of opportunity for small inflatable suit appearances as well.

Hipp Deck Flyer

Inflatable Set Up at Governors Island

Rain coverd red nylon fabric during installation of inflatable sculpture on Governors Island

Setting up Stuffed Full on Governors Island for the Governors Ball in the rain. Tomorrow this inflatable sculpture will be on display during the music festival. During the window for installation the clouds opened up with a wet downpour. With a little work all set up nicely. I will also be storming around in two inflatable suits, You Wear What I Wear and Hello. Bye.

Hope to see you there and have a blast.

Floating Friends

Fabricating a stuffed animal boat in Kjell Hahn's studio in Onishi, Japan.

It has been two and a half years since I visited Japan and just as long since I spent time with my old friend Kjell Hahn. He has a new studio set up in Onishi, a little town that is now part of Fujioka in Gunma-ken. The studio is an old two story building that has a wood-shop and ceramics area on the first floor and a painting area along with a clean room on the second floor. Kjell let me use the studio to work on a project for a group show this January at Westchester Community College, Wish You Were Here, curated by Joe Winter who I met as Sculpture Space this summer.

Since I do not see Kjell often, I made a piece with him reflecting on the title of the show while referencing our previous collaborations. We found a pile of stuffed animals at a local flea market and selected those that would be true river warriors. With old wood from his house I began to construct a boat that would carry the furry friends safely down the river. Then we secured some foam to the inside of the boat and tied the characters to the ship with a sheep in the lead.

Stuffed animals bought at a Japanese flea market atteched to a wooden boat

This ship will be sent down the river and we will attempt to retrieve it after it has gone through a bit of rough water and before it goes past the point of no return down river.

Works in Progress Reception

Works in Progress reception featuring Loren Erdrich, Jimmy Kuehnle, Maria Michails and Joe Winter at Sculpture Space

Sculpture Space is hosting a works in progress reception this Monday, July 26, 2010 from 5:30 – 7:30 PM. Work in the studios of the four resident artists will be on view as well as an informal tour of the soon to be new residence for the artists at 508 Wiley Street from 4:00 – 5:00 PM. I will inflate my new inflatable suit that is as big as a house for a performance during the event. The Love Bike will also be giving out free rides to all guests.

Come enjoy food, drinks and lots good conversation.


Loren Erdrich / Brooklyn, NY
Jimmy Kuehnle / San Antonio, TX
Maria Michails / Bayside, NY
Joe Winter / Long Island City, NY


Sculpture Space
12 Gates Street
Utica NY, 13502

Inflatable Bigger Than the Studio

Testing a new inflatable at Sculpture Space in Utica, New York

Behind the inflatable suit that I am wearing is the studio at Sculpture Space in Utica, New York. This new piece is called Make it Look Rich and currently in a testing phase. After some adjustments and repairs, this suit will be heading out into the world. I wanted to make an inflatable suit that overpowered me and it looks like this is going down the right track.

Four Person Bicycle

Custom bicycle fabricated at Sculpture Space in Utica, New York

Access to a welder along with surplus bicycle parts usually leads to one thing, a new “frankenbike”. I took a break form sewing after acquiring some old bicycles and whipped up this new four seat bicycle. It started as a typical tadpole trike, but quickly evolved into a multiple passenger “Love Cycle.”

Two folding chairs make up the passenger section and a self pivoting bicycle frames adds extra pedal power in the rear. I welding two pieces of metal tubing together to make a large heart that is now wrapped in 12-volt lights. Dual-pull brake handles allow me to stop all four wheels from the driver’s seat during fast downhill descents. I plan to take daily tours around Utica and offer free rides. It should break up my time in the studio well.

Testing New Inflatable in the Studio

Testing out some new inflatable art in the studio

My sewing machine is tearing through some new nylon during the construction of a core for a new inflatable suit at Sculpture Space. Now that I have the inner foundation, which includes four tubes for blower motors, I can tackle the fun part of the outer structure. I see a lot of red and yellow nylon in my future and some new Organ sewing needles.