Baked Cats and Bicycles

After waking up I took a quick trip to the convenience store to pick up some provisions for breakfast since I am waiting for my new fridge and microwave. Then Mimi and I finished cleaning the apartment and installed laundry hanging poles outside. We also washed all the dishes that Mimi’s mom gave us. Mimi went to the store and brought back some sushi that we ate for lunch on a makeshift cardboard table.

Joy cycle shop
I decided that today would be better than later to buy a second bicycle. I have commuted by bicycle for almost 10 years and have become a little picky when selecting a new bike. I set out on a scouting mission around 12:30 and made it back to the apartment around 5:30 having traveled well over 30km hear and there checking out 5 different bicycle shops. It just so happened that the last bike shop that I went to sold out of the exact bike that I wanted in their spring line up. Instead of waiting till the coming spring I bought the next best bike and therefore saved about 25000 yen. I wanted an eight speed internal hub and the one I bought has the normal 3 speed. I could always buy a different wheel and have the perfect bike (in my opinion) in I had the handle bars changes out to a more ergonomic design and bought a rear rack. It was going to take about an hour and a half to get the bike ready so since it was getting late I rode back to the apartment to see Mimi. We don’t have a phone yet so there was no way to contact her.

Baked cat at an Italian restaurant
After taking a shower we set out on her bike with me pedaling and her sitting on the rear rack. We picked up my bike and went to Apita to do a little shopping and ate dinner at a very reasonably priced quick Italian place complete with chopsticks. For about 1000 yen I received a big pizza, drink bar, salad, and desert. On the way out of the restaurant I noticed a baked cat. There on the counter of the pastry display sat a cat made of dough and decorated with various flavors. It did not have a price tag.

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