Found an Apartment and Got a Hanko

After looking at 8 different apartments at 3 different real estate companies, I finally made a decision. This took a long time because within my budget getting a place with enough space while being clean and new was difficult. Some of the apartments were quite big, but on closer inspection left one a little wanting in the quality section. Entrance to building of Japanese ApartmentThe one I finally decided on is 5km from the University so I can still ride my bicycle. It is on the north eastern part of town and is not officially in Nagoya. It is in Seto City. I will post the full address when I move in.

The apartment is very thoughtfully designed and I haven not seen an apartment like it during my time in Japan. Since it is on the first floor and a bit out of town, there is a yard that I can use outside. Many a Bar-B-Q are already planned, or since I am in Japan yaki-niku. (grilled meat) Apartment BackyardThe kitchen is nice enough and the windows are large so that there is plenty of daylight. Some older apartments are quite dark. It will be a great place to conduct research with an internet connection on days that I don’t go to the University and it will be a good place to relax on my days off.Japanese Apartment Interior

This morning I called the water company, electric company and gas company to tell them that I will be moving in on Friday. I also paid my insurance bill at a convenience store on the way to pick up my custom made hanko. (name stamp) In Japan most bills can be paid at anytime at any convenience store in the country. It is convenient but direct debit is even simpler. I bought a hanko when I previously lived in Japan but I left it in America. Therefore I had to have another one made. A shop a couple of stations from Mimi’s house made my hanko a reality for 1050 yen. This will allow me to open up a bank account, get a mobile phone and finish my apartment lease.Jimmy Kuehnle’s Hanko

It is two days until the final move so I am packing up my stuff. I still have six suitcases that I brought with me from America. Mimi’s parents have been very kind by donating old plates and other household goods. We plan to drive to Nagoya on Friday to make moving in easier and shopping for furniture easier.<div style=”clear:both;”></div>

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