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News 4 WOAI ran a short segment during the 5:00 newscast about the San Antonio inflatable suit performance. The anchors Randy Beamer and Delaine Mathieu along with Jennifer Broome had a candid discussion about the work and even related it back to previous bicycle performances that I did in San Antonio. I appreciated Randy standing up for the arts and accurately describing my performance in a digestible sound bite without a TelePrompTer.


Randy Beamer
: Alright now, this is what I was talking about before. People pretty shocked to see that bouncing around downtown tonight. You might be wondering what it is. Well it’s a guy wearing his inflatable suit. A performance artist, Jimmy Kuehnle, goes around the country performing for different cities, but why?

Delaine Mathieu: Cool, what does it do?

Beamer: Well, he actually got his MFA in sculpture from UTSA here and this is his performance art and the idea is strangers should interact more.

Jennifer Broome: And MFA would be Master of Fine Arts

Beamer: That would be Master of Fine Arts, I’m sorry.

Mathieu: But, what does it do?

Beamer: Well, it doesn’t — It gets you talking and interacting. It’s a performance art.

Mathieu: Like his bike.

Beamer: Yes, there was a bike here a few years back that we found the story on that we did and we — it —

Mathieu: Can’t tell you really what it said. — Not suitable for —

Beamer: Well it was a bike that spelled out a certain word that also got people talking.

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