Pre-fab Furniture and Ramen

Today concluded the third day of three major shopping days. It takes a lot of effort and money to move to another country. This time I have it made since Fulbright is picking up the tab, but to do this on a whim would be quite difficult. In 2007 figures it costs almost 10000 dollars to relocate to Japan, acquire a decent apartment, furnish it with furniture and appliances as well as stocking the fridge with vital food, finding daily transportation, and surviving in hotels until an apartment is found. Thank you Fulbright for making this easier, and know that I truly appreciate the opportunity.

Mimi carrying supplies from the hardware store
To wrap up the third day of crazy shopping I took Mimi out to a local home furnishing store to check the prices of things. We then rode to two different second hand stores to check the prices of used goods. The second store that we went to had a nice dinning table and a smaller table that I plan to use a a desk. Since this furniture came fully assembled we opted to have it delivered on Tuesday. On the way back to the apartment we stopped at Karhma, a hardware store, to pick up a cabinet for the kitchen and some shelves to go over the washing machine.

Installing shelves over the washing machine
By the time we arrived home both of us were exhausted. In order to attempt to finish all my big shopping I decided to go one more time to pick up two bookshelves, a set of drawers for clothes, and a rolling microwave stand. All of this I carried on my bike. Check out the picture of me arriving back home.

Bicycle with too many boxes
Mimi and I spent the next couple of hours assembling prefab furniture. Stupidly I decided to spread all the parts from various projects in order to take a picture. That might be the reason that I am missing four screws. We did get the furniture assembled and moved around the apartment.

Pre-fab furniture in Japan

After that we were so tired that only sleep was on our minds. We rode down the street to a ramen shop. This place was spectacular because for under 1000 yen you could get a whole ramen set complete with dessert and a rice dish. We then struggled home and collapsed on our new futons.

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