Searching for an Apartment

Yesterday I came to Nagoya by train to begin searching for an apartment. I had already visited some apartment finding websites before coming to Nagoya to get an idea of the types of apartments available. After about a two hour train ride from Nara to Nagoya I transfered to the Higashi-Yama subway line. To get near the Univeristy it is necessary to take this line to its end. There at Fujigaoka Station I visited the first apartment finding company. After discussing my needs and price limits with them they drove Mimi and I to visit some of the apartments. Most of them were quite old and a bit in disrepair. We kindly thanked them for their efforts and left to visit another company.

Hotel Chisun in Nagoya

The next company seemed more like a beauty salon rather than a real estate company. We left as fast as humanly possible, but when entering a real estate company in Japan works carrying tea quickly sweep down to comfort you and entice you to stay.

The third company seemed more promising. The apartments that they offered had just been remodeled. In fact one that we visited was still under construction. That meant that although the buildings were old the interiors were nice. Now after a nights rest at a hotel in central Nagoya I will review pictures of the apartments that I took with a fresh eye and decide today. I will post a picture of the final apartment choice after the contract is signed.Lawson Breakfast Bread

For a power apartment hunting breakfast I headed down to the Lawson convenience store conveniently located on the first floor of the hotel. Japanese convenience stores are great places to grab a quick bite to eat. I will post more pictures as the adventure continues but for now you can see a choice of breakfast breads and morning drinks.Lawson Coffee and Drinks

Since it will take about a week to process the paperwork for the apartment, I plan to begin my research this week. I will prepare for a presentation of my project to the faculty of Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music when the term begins in October.

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