Start in St. Louis

Began in St. Louis on American Airlines. The travel agency canceled Mimi’s ticket and we had to buy a ticket from St. Louis to Chicago.

Jimmy in Chicago Ohare

I thought that since this would be the first time that I wasn’t flying standby since Continental that it would go without a hitch but I was wrong. Mimi called the agency and left a nasty message and eventually got the money back. The flight was uneventful. At the airport after sending our luggage with a takyubin, a luggage delivery service that is very affordable in Japan, we sat down for some long awaited wasyoku, or Japanese food.

I took a picture of me with my reasonably priced donburi and a quite expensive nama beer. I enjoyed the food but jet lag was starting to get to Mimi and I so we started to make our way to the Hotel. It was still over an hour by train from Narita.Gyudon and Nama Beer

We eventually checked into the Daichi Hotel Annex later that night after a long train ride from Narita. The room we stayed in was just renovated and quite nice. The drapes opened with an electric motor by remote control. One could order in room massages as well as on demand movies. Before I fell asleep I watched the Shinkansen and JR trains racing by below my window. Yatto! Finally in Japan.

Daichi Hotel Annex in Tokyo, Japan.

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