Twinkling Tricycle on Channel 5 News in Cleveland

On the Twinkling Tricycle Tour of Enchantment Euclid Corridor ride, I passed by the Channel 5 newsroom. They sent out a news van to catch up with me. The lights protected me from traffic but the camera man should have had a reflective vest for nighttime shooting. Lots of motorists stopped to take pictures, workers in building came streaming out into the streets, bus passengers remained glued to the windows. The night twinkled with Enchantment.

Two more tour dates remain.

Saturday, February 16, 5:00 pm:
Jimmy makes an appearance at the Brite Winter Festival in the Ohio City Market District.

Friday, February 22, 6:30 p.m.
Jimmy joins the Critical Mass ride, starting in the southwest
quadrant of Public Square.


I want you to check out this unusual site in downtown Cleveland. Isn’t this something. We caught up with Jimmy Kuehnle riding his decorative bike down Euclid Avenue. We all saw him from the newsroom tonight as he came by.

It’s called the Twinkling Tricycle Tour that is part of a SPACES gallery exhibit. Jimmy is an assistant professor at the Cleveland Institute of Art. And he says that he designed the bike himself. He has 3000 Christmas lights on it and you just can’t miss him. You can’t miss that going down the street.

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