Worksman Industrial Tricycle? Check.

Old Worksman Industrial Tricycle salvage from a factory in Indianapolis, Indiana

Normally I prefer to make funky bicycles for performance projects such as the Four Person Bicycle made at Sculpture Space. I could not pass up this old Worksman Industrial Tricycle that I found on Craigslist. The seller claims it came from a plant in Indiana. The front loading tray has “die cutters” written with welded beads.

SPACES, an exhibition space in Cleveland, Ohio, has a SPACES World Artist Residency Program or SWAP “is a residency program for international, U.S. and local artists, founded in 2002 to foster cultural exchange between audiences in Northeast Ohio and artists from around the world.” I am a current SWAP resident with an exhibition opening at SPACES on February 1, 2013.

For the project I am constructing a device that exchanges sound for light. It will be built on the platform of the Worksman Tricycle giving an old rusty relic some new life. The device will tour around Cuyahoga County at various locations during the month of February.

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